Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Taste of Blood II

Those artist types, crazy and eccentric, the lot of them. Working as a translator for going on three years now and all I've gotten for it is a lot of thank you's and hail-fellow-how-art-thou's from between the United States and Germany, but hey, at least the food here is okay. My job is mostly trying to figure out how two business, political or casual people can get around subtle insults without blatantly insulting their opposing faction. I have to keep myself from laughing a lot of the time, but it is really a fun gig.
Ten minutes. Enough time to get my business face on and go meet my new clients. Some hotshot fabric connoisseur and her assistant. I didn't get the gist of their reason for being in Germany, but it has something to do with fabric and a lot of night-time hotspots around the city of Berlin, and that they needed someone who can translate, drive and generally be a ambulatory guide book to the area. It helps that three years ago I was in a similar boat, so maybe they'll listen to some of my advice.
And maybe they'll look at me stupidly and cut the contract early.
Who knows? I'll be at the airport shortly and we'll see how it goes from there. Here's to hoping they don't mind a Volkswagen. This Gulf is comfortable.

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